The Ontario Association of Black Paralegals (OABP) is working with STR Consulting and Potential Films Inc. to offer two workshop series. Navigating Racism is specifically designed to help Black legal professionals develop the tools to navigate racism and discrimination in the workplace. Strategies for Impactful Allyship is specifically designed to empower impactful allies by helping them develop the tools to recognize, denounce and combat racism and discrimination in the workplace. 






Both series have been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for EDI Professionalism content.

Navigating Racism in the Workplace: This program contains 8 hours 15 minutes of EDI Professionalism content.

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Strategies for Impactful Allyship: This program contains 6 hours of EDI Professionalism content.

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"We find ourselves presently at a national dialogue and discourse on racial inequities. This is a shift for many, those who are most impacted have been seeking changes, and others are grappling to find grounding in this national conversation. These converging meeting places offer us great hope, as it allows for everyone to be a part of the movement towards eradicating racial injustice."

~Shequita Thompson-Reid


We're so excited to launch these series this fall and we hope you'll be a part of it!


If you're interested in attending these FREE workshop series, please click the links below to fill out the form. There are limited spots available.

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited spots available and the date of your workshop will be confirmed once registration is complete. Filling out the registration form does NOT guarantee a spot. Dates for the event will be finalized upon completion of registration and will correspond with the dates most registrants are available.

Registration is open from July 14-September 15.

*Registration is open until the deadlines listed above OR until the classes are full.