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Our Services

OABP services are designed with the ambitious legal professional in mind. Whether you are a student, a new licensee or seasoned executive, you will benefit from a variety of programs and services. Our goal is to ensure you succeed and advance within the profession.


Our Mentorship Program provides our paralegal and law clerk members with opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals.


Whether you are a new licensee seeking practice management advice or new to a specific area of law, our goal is to match you with the right mentor to help you reach your goals.

Want to be a mentor? Contact us for more information on how you can support our program.

Business Meeting
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Student Outreach

We are passionate about meeting potential licensees where they are. Are you a high school student looking to learn more about the profession? A college student looking for hands on experience?

Our Student Outreach program is designed to provide more information to high school students about a career in the legal profession and provide college students with helpful resources. 

Contact us today for more information!

Continuing Professional Development

As part of our PEER mandate, OABP is dedicated to combating racism within the justice system by equipping Black legal professionals with the tools to navigate systemic injustice in the workplace. We recognize the importance of denouncing and combating systemic inequality in the justice system and actively equip all legal professionals with the tools to do the same.


Our Continuing Professional Development programs and public information webinars/seminars focus on engaging participants in difficult conversation, answering questions and providing training to support professional development.

*You must be a licensee member to access the archives*

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Interested in learning more about what we offer? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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