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Mental Health and the Legal Professional

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Mental Health and the Legal Professional

2 Substantive Hours

OABP is dedicated to raising Mental Health awareness in the Legal Profession with a focus on erasing the stigma and spotlighting how Mental Health significantly impacts legal professionals, how they can access support and incorporate healthy habits in their personal and professional daily lives.

In partnership with UDocs, OABP presents Project Cold Days, a CPD accredited course. The overall objective of this course is the promotion of work/life balance and wellness principles, regarding mental health, substance use and addiction awareness for professionals. (LSO Accredited for 2 hrs Professionalism). This course is completed entirely online and participants receive CPD certification after completion.

To supplement the course and bring a greater focus to the intersection of Mental Health and race, OABP held a webinar on September 18, 2021 from 10am-12:30pm. Moderator, Royland Moriah, took a deeper dive with panelists Dominique Dennery, Tameka Francis and Daniel Stein. Law Society of Ontario Treasurer Teresa Donnelly brought opening remarks.

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